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About the Artist

The Seyana jewelry studio is based on Maui, on the slopes of Haleakala Crater in Kula, Hawaii.
This inspirational environment supports my creativity as it is imbued with the tropical Pacific and graced with a gorgeous array of natural light – light which dances on its ocean, rivers, waterfalls and magnificent, varied landscapes. Here, I live on a two-acre organic farm with my husband, John and our two truly adorable mini poodles, Abbey and Bertie.

I love spending time in my studio mixing together elements of pearls, crystals, shells, semiprecious stones and other unique materials to form wearable pieces of art. I play with different shapes, sizes, textures and colors until my eye leads me to that satisfied feeling; “Yes, this looks sweet!”

I moved to Maui, after Hurricane Iniki in 1992, and founded "Aloha Aina Jewelry," which has since developed into
"Seyana Jewelry."

Prior to Maui I lived on Kauai for a few years, where I worked with friends who introduced me to the art of creatively hand modeling jewelry from polymer clays.

Before living on the islands I resided on the west coast of California and British Columbia where I engaged with the Vancouver Playhouse Props department.

In my early twenties I spent several years in the Rocky Mountains, becoming involved with the Banff School of Fine Arts.

While growing up in Montreal, Canada, my interests turned to the arts at a very young age through ballet and modern dance. My teens were happily spent "backstage" in the local theatres working with prop building, costuming and stage management, further sparking my creative soul. I’ve always found expression for my creativity in dance, art and lifestyle.

My satisfaction comes from designing and creating pieces that many enjoy and appreciate for the uniqueness that comes from being individually hand made.

Mahalo for visiting! Anna